Fun, by Choice


Looking out of the window, seeing everything blurred from the crazy downpour…

No one in the right state of mind would set out for a training out in the field under this condition.

No one, but us…

Without any hesitation, we head out for training with a flask of water, a ball and some durian cakes.

What greeted us was portholes of water and a field that could easily pass off as a swamp.

As though that wasn’t enough to dampen my mood, my dear O’ precious decided it’s the right time to not listen to daddy..

With her unleashed, she decided to run and greet everybody and ignore me. Tell me about Zero Recall…

“Go tunnel!” and she went to chase after Smash.

“Jump!” and she thinks the bird is asking for a chase game.

“Precious, come here!” and what i got in return was a chase game with her, me being the chaser.

What a good way to test my patience.

With all these, training can’t be fun if all i’m doing is chasing after her..

How can it be fun?! Looking at the ground, “shake head”, Turn back and saw my barking monster lunging,”shake head even harder”. Sigh.

It was then an idea struck me, if she can be crazy, why can’t i? Hahahaha

So i decided to initiate a (one sided) conversation with her whilst running the course!

“Ah-li-ba-ba, Jump!” “Hui Hui, table!” “Ah-li-ba-ba, let’s go!” Surprisingly, she listened!

It was during the run i realized, THIS IS FUN! So we ran the course like a loony!

Of course, she didn’t run the course well but i got a positive feedback from someone saying precious looked happy! 🙂

It has been quite some time since i hear that, because i have always been looking at the angst,anxious and all-time-crazy girl… How i love to the person that could bring her happiness each time we run the course. It is not easy, especially so during trials.

All this applies to many other stuffs in life; if you can’t change it, love and embrace it. 

Learn to have fun! As easy as it sounds, doing it can be an uphill task.


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