True Tearless Hypo Shampoo ( Show Season )



True Tearless® HYPO Shampoo

An honest tearless shampoo should be gentle on skin, eyes & hair & contain no fragrance or dye in case of animal allergies. True Tearless® delivers with a non-irritating formula containing natural aloe.
Dilutes 16:1.
For Use On Dogs, Cats, Puppies & Kittens


Water, Disodium Oleomide, Cocamide MEA, Sodium
Laureth Sulfate, Sunfl ower Triglycerides, Aloe, Preservative, pH

At A Glance…

Disodium Oleomido MEA Sulfosuccinate – Gentle surfactant
with good foaming properties. Non-irritating.

Cocamide MEA – Enhances foam stability and viscosity response.
The amides are free of diethanolamine (DEA).

Sodium Laureth Sulfate – Surfactant with excellent foaming
characteristics. Low skin irritation making it suitable for mild cleansing
as well as baby products.

Sunflower Triglycerides – Since this shampoo contains no fragrance,
Sunflower Triglycerides provide extra conditioning to the coat
and skin. Botanically derived, contains no animal based materials.
The water soluble emollient conditions the hair.

Aloe – Conditioning for the coat. Promotes healthy skin.

pH Modifier – Balance

User Review

I’ll not touch on the ingredient as it’s common in most pet shampoo products. Not natural or organic product. Aside from sunflower oil, the rest are pretty standard ingredients. Would love to see Disodium oleasmido MEA sulfosuccinate as surfactant in such products as it’s an even milder product and less likely to irritate skin or eye. Gave it a try with a full body wash after 2 weeks of no-bath, and after a swim.

Followed the instructions and applied without dilution. What was noticed during shampooing; 

  • Though there were foaming, it wasn’t over-the-top type of foaming.
  • Easy to wash off ( Yes, it’s not a given in many shampoo. Especially using it without dilution)

Results after rinsing off

  • Fur were slightly coarse and dry-looking
  • Zero Fragrance ( As Advertised )

During Drying ( Zero hydrating spray or conditioner was applied )

  • It’s hard to comb through the fur ( Since i did not apply any lubricating agent )
  • Zero Fragrance 
  • Average drying ( It’s raining, making it even harder to dry )
  • No sign of skin irritation ( Normally when you apply concentrated shampoo, you’ll expect to see some redness on the skin )
  • Fur falling into place very nicely

After Drying

  • Odor removed ( yes, I smell her butt yet again )
  • Fur feel smooth and soft, and really easy to brush through. ( Probably the sunflower oil doing its work )

Pretty satisfied with this shampoo. The end result is quite satisfactory, considering i did not use any conditioner at all. Suitable for weekly bath.

Update ( on 12/24/2013 ) : Some feedback after using it several times without conditioner. On my shetland sheepdog, the outer coat gets really smooth after drying but the undercoat, tail, butt fur ends up being too dry. Conditioning would be recommended. Tried it on maltese and schnauzer without conditioner, they are perfectly fine with absolutely smooth coat. 

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