Services and Charges


All of our services will include

  • 3-4 walks per day
  • Mental stimulation in form of IQ toys, Tricks training and Obedience.
  • Daily Play/Ball time in an outdoor fenced up area
  • Night Outing to various park or dog run ( only available for boarding dogs )

Rates for Normal Boarding ( For dogs who pass the assessment without any behavioral issues )

Small ( Pom, CHH, Maltese etc ) : $45-50
Medium (HDB Approved Dogs  < 10Kg) : $50-60
Large ( Non HDB Approved Dogs ) : $60-80

Rates for Puppy Bootcamp ( Below 6 months )


Puppy bootcamp includes various training . Do enquire if you wish to find out more about the boarding routine.

Rates for Train and Board service ( 5 Training sessions per day ) 
For list of issues we can train on, refer to this

Small : $100
Medium : $100-125
Large : $120-150

Day Care Service ( 8am to 6pm )

Small : 35
Medium : 40
Large : 50

For more information, do drop us an email @ or call us @ 96513063

There will be an additional 50% surcharge for all services on PH.

Optional outdoor activities

Hiking/Nature walk
Sentosa Trip
Swimming ( At K9 or Mutts and Mittens )

For the aforementioned activities, additional charges will be incurred. Do enquire if you are interested

More activities will be updated after our break. Look forward for more healthy activities! @updated March 05 2014

Precious Lodge will be closed till June 2014

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