Why Choose Precious Lodge?


Precious Lodge has a firm belief that training is an essential part of a dog’s life. We actively seek to train the dog, making them a more confident and an integrated part of your life. We do not ignore nor do we punish any ‘bad’ behavior. We aim to positively train the dog to act in an appropriate manner. In many boarding place, when the dog showcase fear or aggression under certain situation, the handlers (Most of them) will interrupt the signals before it get out of control but they will never approach the root of the problem. They simply touch on the surface and hope it doesn’t worsen. When dog in Precious Lodge show signs of being uncomfortable around certain stuffs or certain situation, we will look to resolve it or keep it under control with positive training.

Do you have the following problems and hoping that someone would work on it while you’re away?

  • On-leash dog reactivity ( Barking and lunging towards dogs from a distance, and yes, that’s not aggression )
  • On-leash cat reactivity 
  • On-leash reactivity towards moving objects
  • Resource guarding issues 
  • Unable to walk loosely on leash
  • Poor recall
  • Basic essential skills ( Leave it, Sit and Recall )
  • Not staying still in cars ( One of boarding dogs learnt to sit still in the car just in 4 days of training )
  • Not staying still for grooming ( Nail clipping, Grooming, Brushing )


Yes, we touch on all these regularly as our resident dog present all these issues to us and we have work on all of them with great success. Having a puppy and worried that being in a boarding place will allow him to pick up the wrong behaviors? No worries, we will work out and present our plan to you, and we will work on your puppy everyday!

Having none of the problem? No worries, our tight schedule is also something that many owners come for.

  • Daily 4-walk ( At least an hour per walk )
  • Daily ball playing time
  • Every other day garden walk or dog park trips
  • Weekly socializing with selected dogs
  • Daily training
  • Customized training as requested by owners!

You can contact us @ 96513063 or email us @ poh.weeboon@live.com if you’re interested in our line of service. And yes, your dogs are supervised 24/7 😉