Precious Lodge


Precious Lodge

Precious lodge is a home-based, cage-free and pen-free dog boarding facility.

Our dog training philosophy: 

At Precious Lodge, we place heavy emphasis on dog training and stimulation, both mental and physical, as part of their daily routine. We use positive reinforcement as our primary training method in guiding the dog to understand what we deem as ‘acceptable behaviour’.

Fun-filled activities for your dog: 

Our mission is to provide fun-filled activities to challenge and engage them both mentally and physically. We aim to promote fun training and its many benefits to dogs of all ages and breeds.

We will be doing: 
• Daily long walks
• Frequent dog park trips
• Weekly swim
• Occasional hiking
• Training during activities (focus, recall, doggy social skills)

Over at Precious Lodge, we combine discipline and exercise together in our daily routine. We aim to motivate and encourage through positive reinforcement; using treats and toys to drive our dogs into doing things. It’s amazing to see the changes these methods can bring about and the reason why we are into this business; to share the fun and joy we have in training for the benefit of all dogs. Led by the key trainer constant search for better training methods and more mind engaging exercise, dogs will be constantly challenged and pushed in an appropriate, fun manner. We seek to maintain consistency in our work and implement strong discipline in all our exercise. For detailed breakdown of daily activities and optional outdoor activities, do contact us directly.

Meet our trainer ! 

Our key trainer is Wee Boon and his personal assistant, Precious, the 3 year young Shetland Sheepdog. Wee Boon is intensely interested in dog training and behaviour and would love to share the fun and joy in training dogs to any interested party! Wee Boon has also actively participates in agility and jumping competitions with Precious.

Treats & Food: 

Type of treats used in daily training
• Ziwipeak Cuisine
• Home-Made Dehydrated Meat/Organs Treats
• Stella N Chewy’s

Precious Lodge does not believe in feeding cheap food to our best fur buddies!

Type of Service Provided 
• Boarding
• Day Care (8 a.m. to 6 p.m )

Interested? Here are the prerequisites!

Pre-boarding assessment 

Dogs will be screened for behavioral issues, playstyle compatibility and also for ticks. We reserve to right to reject any dogs with tick(s) or with any behavior that could pose possible threat to resident dog or to facility owner.


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