How’s your week?


Now that I’ve returned back to school, the days now seem to serve a less purpose than before. You, probably, have heard your working friends “celebrating” Friday (TGIF!) and wonder how a day could invoke such strong emotions. To me, a week can be full of Mondays… the most dreadful day. A day, to me, has some emotions attached to it and a set of behaviors or actions to adhere to.

On this particular day, you’ll roll over to the end of your bed after being jolted awake by the alarm, reached for that phone and looked at the time that you already know; for you’re the one who set it yesternight. You’ll snooze it for another 5-10 minutes then close your eyes, traveling back to the dimension where you have a, what seems like forever, battle with your inner self. Detached from the world, your inner self are giving you all reasons not to step out of the bed. He gave such convincing reasons that you decide to keep your eyes closed till… maybe your next bedtime. Snooze alarm came to your rescue, bringing you back to the real world and introducing you to your new enemy – morning erections.

It’s just amazing how time seems to fly when you’re rubbing your eyes, rolling around, kissing your bolster, scratching your butt cheek and poof!, 10 minutes past. You’re now closer to being fired or getting your self barred from examinations. It’s just amazing how quickly an erection can disappear. You rushed through everything; bathing, drying, grooming ( sometimes all at once ) in matter of minutes, thinking that breakfast would make you fat hence there’s no need for it, kissed your dog goodbye, cuddle a little… maybe a little more.. or maybe comb her fur..ahhh.. why not clean her bowl now and kiss her one more time before leaving home. You locked your door, open it to say one last goodbye and set foot for The Longest Day. Drifting off into auto pilot mode for half of the day, waking up considering whether you should have lunch or go back to the dimension to continue your debate.

And people, that’s Monday for you. A day with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Tuesday’s tunnel has a small opening to shine some light on you. At the end of the day, you’ll probably head for some exercise because it’s ladies’ Wednesday the next day and it’s always good to hit the gym in hope to inflate that muscle, at least for a day.

Wednesday is a joyful day, work or studies have decided to cut you some slack before it breaks you, and you’ll have enough time to hit up your friends for a good night out.

Thursday is the day of denial, it’s so close to Friday yet so far from you. You’re trying to cheer yourself up that Friday is coming tomorrow till the fact that Friday is a full day of working day hits that thick skull of yours. Head gets heavy, depression sink in and day gets longer.

Friday is the day of sin. People will work doubly hard that day ( work make time goes faster ) and release that beast of theirs to soak up all the blood.

Saturday, day of redemption. With all the sins you’ve accumulated from the previous day, you’ll go for a jog to shake off some imaginary fats of yesterday or meet up some friends.

Sunday, day of happiness. The day you wake up in the morning knowing what exactly is ahead of you. The day you’re out with your family and enjoying every minute of it. The day where you smile more than the 6 days combined. The day you hate to come to an end. The day that seems to go by fastest.

This week, i had 2 Sundays, 4 Mondays and 1 Saturday.

Now people… How’s your week?

Dangers lurking everywhere…


the safest is often the most dangerous… 

20 months back was the day i always wish turning back to… for it was the day she didn’t have any problem walking, and i don’t have any behavioral issues to deal with. I could still vividly remember how i walked her around the neighborhood, while listen to those aunties articulating themselves rather loudly, ” eh lassie lei, cute hor.”  Ironically, my concern back then was also barking, but it was why is she not barking. Haha! A month later, she had her virgin bark and she hasn’t looked back since then! It was only when she was about 10months old then i brought her out for her first socializing trip, the sheltie gathering and found out she didn’t actually know her name. That marked the start of her recall training and more behavioral issues arise. Being a first time owner, many dealings with my dog were suggestion given by dog owners whom i have interaction with.

How to teach a dog to swim? Throw her into the pool… and of course, she developed phobia.

How to socialize a dog? Bring her to a park and let her interact. And she got herself ran over by a huge Labrador that has no regards for anyone else other than the ball thrown.  And she has another phobia to speak of.

My understandings were very much limited to what i have read on the internet without any hands on experience…

I got to know about ticks the hard way..

I pay countless of visit to the vet for laughable reasons: Pregnancy before her first heat? Loss of fur at her nose area?

But all these doesn’t compromise my training with her, for I want her to have the most positive training… like how you want the best education for your kids. I sought advice from people who have put in serious effort in training their dog, i bought and read up books before training on anything. I put restraining order on using of my dog’s name for it would setback my training if overused by my family. No reprimanding of my dog, and i had that strictly enforced. Of course, some rules were meant to be broken… such as, her name. It has been misuse countless time by my mum and i didn’t bother to correct her. She had bad recalls at home but i made sure it’s up to an acceptable standard outdoor.

and I’m supposed to talk about dangers… so where is it?

All these training does make it dangerous for the dog, as it makes the owner complacent. It is when you think the dog is well-trained that makes it dangerous for the dogs… I used to unleash her when i do training around my block and a moment of her not being able to recall stopped me from doing it. The last thing i want is to cause her death or her disappearance because I THINK she is trained. You can’t expect the world from your dog when you didn’t introduce the world to your dog… There are many uncertainties in this world, and for sure you wouldn’t be able to touch on all of them so keep your dog safe by your side would be the best you could do.

While i focused on her training on the technical stuff of agility and jumpers, i neglected much of her behavior of what it takes to be a good pet dog. She has leash aggression, food aggression and reactive towards moving objects. I do not joke about all these issues and neither should you.. For it will only get worse if you don’t touch on it. It doesn’t go away from age maturity and it is no laughing matter if your dog is the cause of any accident. So this little checklist i had, already had some of the issues sorted out…

Leash aggression – Checked

Reactive towards moving objects (on leash) – Checked

Reactive towards dogs and cats (on leash) – Almost there!

Food aggression – Reading in progress!

Working in dog-related industry definitely helped me here, not in training methods but in how i view dogs. I learnt to fear them! Previously, i would just touch any dogs without reading their body language and that isn’t exactly the right thing to do. Respect them and they’ll respect you.